Panorama of Leiden

A Kid's Life

Just a few photos on how kids experience Leiden. On the Rhine River, a group of kids being led on a paddle through town.
There are many playgrounds scattered around Leiden. Some, like this one, are run by neighborhood organizations and are semi-private. It costs less than a dollar for visitors to enjoy the facilities.
These neighborhood playgrounds often have meeting facilities and places for parents to hang out and visit while their kids play. This is a great example of a “Third Place” – not home or work, but a place for informal social gathering.
This public park on the outskirts of Leiden has a small zoo and lots of walking trails. It also has a playground with a terras for the parents to relax nearby.
Snow isn’t common, but when it comes, kids and parents hit the only sledding slope town – The Burcht, an old fort in the very heart of town.
On hot summer days, the North Sea beach is just a few miles from town.
The Hortus Botanicus (botanical garden) is a great place for kids to play in a lush, green environment.
During public events, like the celebration of Queensday, there are always lots of activities for children.
Midday is best for kids and parents to stroll and enjoy the Kermis (fair/carnival ) that takes over the Leiden streets on special occasions, like 3 October.
The visual interest built into a compact, walkable environment provides many moments for engagement and curiosity.
Even American kids enjoy the pleasures of relaxing at a canal-side terras.